Dentists' library. 

This section of the library contains a range of Pro-Practice digital ads which promote the cosmetic dental treatments you are offering in your waiting room.

The ads cost £25 each, except for the personalised welcome message, for which we charge £125

Please note, some of our ads have been discontinued, so the numbering on these clips may not be consecutive.

(Please use the menu on the right to navigate to other sections of the library.)


D1 Promotion for dentures

D2 Advice on brushing your teeth

D3 Caring for childrens' teeth

D4 Guidelines on cleaning your teeth

D5 Information about gum disease

D6 Foods to avoid

D7 Information about bridges

D8 Promotion for dental hygiene

D9 Humorous animation featuring a rabbit

D10 Humorous animation featuring a shark

D11 Promotion for using an electric toothbrush

D12 The importance of fresh breath

D13 It's never too late for a perfect smile

D14 Information about caring for children's teeth

D15 The importance of using mouthwash

D16 Promotion for white fillings

D17 Caring for your dentures

D18 Explaining how crowns are fitted

D19 Explaining plaque

D20 Promotion for tooth whitening

D21 Promotion for private treatment

D22 Promotion for porcelain veneers

D23 Promotion for fluoride treatment

D24 Promotion for tooth whitening

D25 Promotion for dental implants

D26 Promotion for tooth whitening

D27 Promotion for bleaching

D28 How to prevent snoring

D29 Promotion for flexible partial dentures

D30 Personalised welcome message - £150

D31 Explaining root canal treatment

D32 Text reminder

D33 Sedation

D34 Tooth grinding/bruxism

D35 Laughter/lifestyle video

D36 Explaining porcelain veneers

D37 Explaining dental implants

D38 Fissure sealants for children

D39 Promotion for tooth whitening

D40 Discouraging children from eating sweets

D41 Ask the dentist for advice

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