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This section of the library features lifestyle videos and digital ads promoting invisible products such as low cost finance plans.

Please note, some of our ads have been discontinued, so the numbering on these clips may not be consecutive.

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G1 Good looks start with great teeth

G3 Humorous promotion for good teeth

G4 Special occasions

G5 Humorous promotion for good teeth

G6 You have the choice

G7 Promotion for a great smile

G10 Promotion for sports guards

G19 Give your child a gift for life

G20 Smiles for all the family

G22 Lifestyle video

G23 Advice about mouth cancer

G24 Promotion for private treatment

G25 Advice about smoking

G27 Advice about bruxism

G28 Promotion for a smile makeover

G29 Promotion for cosmetic dentistry

G30 Promotion for a perfect smile

G31 Promotion for affordable cosmetic treatment

G32 Promotion for chiropractic

G33 Personalised welcome message - £150

G34 Promotion for osteopathy

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