Orthodontic library

This section of the library contains digital ads designed to increase uptake of cosmetic orthodontic treatment or tooth straightening.

The ads cost £25 each, except for the personalised welcome message, for which we charge £150

Please note, some of our ads have been discontinued, so the numbering on these clips may not be consecutive.

(Please use the menu on the right to navigate to other sections of the library.)


OR1 Promotion for ceramic braces

OR2 Tooth whitening

OR3 Promotion for invisible braces

OR4 How to look after your braces

OR5 Foods to avoid

OR7 Lifestyle video

OR8 Humorous 'rabbit' cartoon

OR9 Humorous 'shark' cartoon

OR10 Promoting the perfect smile

OR11 Promotion for straight teeth

OR12 Promotion for adult orthodontics

OR13 Promotion for adult orthodontics

OR14 Promotion for clear braces

OR15 Affordable orthodontics

OR16 Silver and gold braces

OR17 Ceramic braces

OR18 Invisible braces

OR19 Removable braces

OR20 Lifestyle video

OR21 Promotion for adult orthodontics

OR22 Personalised welcome message - £150

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